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The subscription of UsetoolToothbrush
The subscription
of UsetoolToothbrush
Experts in dentistry who have agonized over the product with us commonly share the following:
If you continue to use your toothbrush even if it was overdue in its replacement cycle,
the worn toothbrush head can damage your teeth and gums. And, the longer you use the toothbrush, the faster the bacteria multiply.

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  • 01
    Use of Starter Sets
    Try to use the starter set to find a right toothbrush brislte that fits for your gum condition. The starter set includes a circular magnet that would make your toothbrush stand amazing and beautiful. If you're on your first subscription, don't miss the discount. Whether use a starter set or not is up to you.
  • 02
    Brush type
    After experinece of the 3 types of bristles, you can make a choice of the brislte type and color of the toothbrush through the links sent by the text and messenger. (Only for Starter Set Purchased Customers)
  • 03
    Delivery cycle
    Fresh toothbrushes are shipped every two or three months. The delivery cycle can be changed at any time by your setting. (except 12 months prepaid customers)
  • 04
    Quantity of toothbrush
    For use with your family, or at a company not a home. If you travel frequently, you can increase the delivery quantity. After that, you can always adjust the quantity. (except 12 months prepaid customers)
of starter sets
Three kinds of toothbrushes (Extra soft bristles, Soft bristles, and Medium bristles)
Circular Magnet (It can be used by attaching it in various places such as mirrors, tiles, etc.)
The starter set of Usetool®Toothbrush consists of 4 items in total,
including the three kinds of toothbrushes and the circular magnet allowing the toothbrush to be mounted freely.

1. Extra soft bristles 0.01mm that can be used for pregnant women and people with weak gums
2. Most favorable Soft bristle in double length with excellent elasticity and resiliency
3. Medium bristles excellent in removing scales, based on remarkable flexibility and elasticity
4. A circular magnet that allows you to freely attach the toothbrush to your desired place, such as bathroom mirrors, tiles, etc.

Get started the Toothbrush with the Usetool®Toothbrush.
Payment method
for regular product
  • Every 2 months 28% per year
    If you get 2 toothbrushes, you get 28% off free shipping per year, rather than a single item. You can change the color and bristles type to suit your needs. Find the best toothbrush Do not worry about the replacement cycle. We will manage you to not forget.
    Total 65,000won +Cart
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  • Every 3 months 27% per year
    If you get three toothbrushes, you can use them in the best condition. 10% discount on each payment and free shipping. You can change the color and bristles type at any time, as well as manage the replacement cycle with a notification message.
    Total 65,000won +Cart
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  • Every 12 months 27% per year
    Pay 12 month payment at a time and don't mind to pay it every month. Get a 30% discount on the starter set and get a 10% discount than buying a single item each time. However, the delivery cycle is fixed every three months with 3 toothbrushes. But bristles type and color can be changed freely.
    Total 65,000won +Cart
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Subscriptiont starts from the second round for customers who have selected the starter set.
Orders that the payment has been confirmed by 3:00 PM will be shipped on that day,
and order over 15,000 won will be shipped free of charge, but under 15,000 won, it incurs the shipping fee of 2,500 won additionally.
Shipping fee: (It is free for the purchase over 15,000won / It costs 3,000 won in Jeju Island and 5,000 won in other Shipping period: On average,
it will take 2-3 business days after shipment, but it may be delayed due to local and shipping companies’ circumstances, natural disasters, changes in supply and demand, etc.
Information on
after sales service,
exchanges, refunds, etc.
Returns and refunds can be made within 7 days from the date of receipt.
In the case of change of mind, refunds will be made after deducting return shipping costs,
provided that the product and packaging conditions are suitable for being resold.
If the product is defective, you can get a full refund including shipping costs.
In the case of a request for the refund after shipment, it can be processed after the product has been collected.
In the following cases, exchanges and returns are limited.
If the product value has been significantly reduced by the customer’s use, time elapsed, or some consumption.
If the product value has been significantly reduced by the loss, omission, and damage of components or the damaged condition of the packaging
If you request a free exchange or return because colors or images are different from the actual product due to differences in monitor resolutions or because of change of mind.