Usetool Toothbrush
The UsetoolTooltoothbrush is the most beautiful design in toothbrush history. The combination of magnets that has never been before will provide a more hygienic and more beautiful toothbrush experience.

Service will be released in the U.S in 2021.
Start of management
Have you been using someone’s purchased toothbrush or a toothbrush
that is not appropriate for your gum condition when you choose it?
It's time to try and choose which toothbrush is right for you.
Find a toothbrush optimized for your gum condition through the starter set of UsetoolToothbrush.
UsetoolToothbrush uses a global brand's bristles.
A admiration
for the bathroom's scenery
The use of tools starts with looking.
Our own color philosophy has created a total of four colors that make the bathroom beautiful,
which means that new standards will be applied to it.
When you get out of that colorful frame, you can find out new values,
and the time to brush your teeth is not a hassle anymore, it'd be a pleasant experience.
The right choice
Starter set
Just as each one of us looks different, not all of our gums are the same.
You should manage your gums and teeth by selecting a toothbrush bristles suitable for you in order to maintain optimal oral condition at all times.
The starter set consists of three types of toothbrushes, which are responsible for the health of your teeth with a soft, delicate and unique elasticity.
If you apply for subscription, you can change the toothbrush head type and color according to the replacement cycle.
1. extra soft bristle ‐ 0.01mm
A special bristle for people with weak gums provides you with a softness that can’t be compared with others by the bristles more than 2,500 strands and minimizes irritation to gums, so that it can also be used for pregnant women and the elderly.
2. Soft bristle - 0.16mm
A special bristle consisting of extra soft and medium bristles, a highly preferable toothbrush head type, gives you a refreshing experience as the soft brush minimizes irritation to your gums.
3. Medium bristles - 0.18mm
A brush with average thickness and for those who usually have tartar buildup in gums a lot is excellent for removing dental calculus through elasticity peculiar to medium bristles.
Design we made delicately
We thought about the users. When it is used or not used,
it gives them a pleasant moment. It can harmonize with others in any space
and is designed for users to hold it in their hands smoothly after going through a constant consideration of curvature.
Evolved usage
UsetoolToothbrush is easy to use.
The inconveniences that we had to bear while using the toothbrush have been improved from a new storage method to perfect drying.
1. Remove the sticker on the back of the circular magnet. Completely remove the moisture and foreign materials on your desired part, make the part dry, and then attach it to the part.
2. Slowly attach the adhesive side from top to bottom.
3. Evenly attach the adhesive side by pressing the central part of the ring magnet gently.
4. Use it after about an hour to allow the adhesive side to harden sufficiently.
And begin again.
Is the toothbrush last headed to the trash?
In the case of separate collection, where should it be collected?
We decided to collect the toothbrush, considering the earth being contaminated by numerous environmental problems.
Brush tips collected by the return program are cut and discarded, and handles are recycled after being collected separately.
Observation of all events
that occur while using the toothbrush
All toothbrushes are designed only for the moment of use.
However, they should be kept in a hygienic and beautiful way.
A sterilizer for Usetool®Toothbrush gives a new experience to its users.
(Coming in the first half of 2020.)
Orders that the payment has been confirmed by 3:00 PM will be shipped on that day,
and order over 15,000 won will be shipped free of charge, but under 15,000 won,
it incurs the shipping fee of 2,500 won additionally. S
hipping fee: (It is free for the purchase over 15,000won /
It costs 3,000 won in Jeju Island and 5,000 won in other Shipping period: On average,
it will take 2-3 business days after shipment, but it may be delayed due to local and shipping companies’ circumstances, natural disasters, changes in supply and demand, etc.
Information on
after sales service,
exchanges, refunds, etc.
Returns and refunds can be made within 7 days from the date of receipt.
In the case of change of mind, refunds will be made after deducting return shipping costs,
provided that the product and packaging conditions are suitable for being resold.
If the product is defective, you can get a full refund including shipping costs.
In the case of a request for the refund after shipment, it can be processed after the product has been collected.
In the following cases, exchanges and returns are limited.
If the product value has been significantly reduced by the customer’s use, time elapsed, or some consumption.
If the product value has been significantly reduced by the loss, omission, and damage of components or the damaged condition of the packaging
If you request a free exchange or return because colors or images are different from the actual product due to differences in monitor resolutions or because of change of mind.