discovers problems by looking at the inconveniences
that are already familiar to people
from a new perspective and then thinks about their solutions.
Ordinary tools for useful function
Once again, reinterpreting things
after looking at them that people have taken
for granted in use from a new perspective
and then refining them in a sophisticated
but simple way so that they are reborn as things
that will be really useful to people are the definitions of
Usetool we are pursuing.
Creative Director Kim Jiyun.
Our Philosophy
Our belief is to strongly believe that what we are doing will improve our daily lives in a better way.
We think about things we take for granted and then discover the custom. We look at them with our own perspectives and viewpoints and reinterpret them.
And, we refine them in a sophisticated and simple way, leaving only usefulness.
Our project
The first project
we intend to solve.
Why doesn’t hygienic storage of toothbrushes look good?
Is there a way to manage a toothbrush replacement cycle without forgetting it?
Most bacteria occur in the process of keeping the toothbrushes wet after use, and there is only an alternative to replacing toothbrushes as frequently as we can.
Our history
  • 05
    Establishment of Ventures-lab Corporate, Inc.
  • 06
    2018. 6 Establishment of Ventures-lab Design Laboratory
  • 08
    8 iF Design Award (Product Category)
  • 08
    Exhibition of Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin(IFA)
  • 01
    Exhibition of CES Las Vegas, hosted by CTA
  • 02
    Collaboration with global Character Brand Line Friends, and Character of BTS 'BT21'
  • 04
    SLDF Exhibition
  • 10
    Launching the Usetool Company Korea
  • 2020
    Launching the Usetooltoothbrush Additional Line-Up (Sterilizer)
  • 2020
    Launching the Usetool Company China
  • 2021
    Launching Usetool Company USA